Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2023 PPV 1/28/23 – 28 January 2023

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KickOff P1 Mens RR P2 Bray, Alexa P3 Girls RR P4 Roman

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KickOff P1 Mens RR P2 Bray, Alexa P3 Girls RR P4 Roman

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KickOff P1 Mens RR P2 Bray, Alexa P3 Girls RR P4 Roman

KickOff P1 Mens RR P2 Bray, Alexa P3 Girls RR P4 Roman

KickOff P1 Mens RR P2 Bray, Alexa P3 Girls RR P4 Roman

KickOff P1 Mens RR P2 Bray, Alexa P3 Girls RR P4 Roman

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▶️ Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2023 PPV 1/28/23 Preview

Brace yourself for major disruption on The Island of Relevancy when Kevin Owens challenges Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Royal Rumble.
The longstanding rivalry between Reigns and Owens spawned an incredible series of brutal Universal Title showdowns over the past few years, including a Steel Cage Match, a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match, and a Last Man Standing Match.
Now, KO has again found himself at odds with The Head of the Table and The Bloodline. He recently teamed with “The Greatest of All Time” John Cena to hand Reigns and Sami Zayn a tag team loss on the final SmackDown of 2022.
Still seething over the defeat, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion accepted Owens’ challenge for a title matchup at Royal Rumble.

At Royal Rumble, a very dangerous Alexa Bliss will challenge Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Title with the ominous Uncle Howdy lurking in the shadows.
In a hard-fought Raw Women’s Championship Match pitting Belair against Bliss on Raw, the sudden appearance of several Uncle Howdy masks in the crowd caused The Goddess of WWE to completely snap. After taking out the referee, Bliss executed a brutal attack on The EST of WWE, smashing her on the steel steps and taking her out of action.
In the wake of the haunting onslaught, Bliss made it clear that the title was all but hers. She later insisted that the titleholder should not fear Bray Wyatt or Uncle Howdy but that Belair should fear her because she is the “face of evil.” Despite doubts being cast on the situation by an emerging Uncle Howdy, Bliss maintained her focus when Belair returned from her injuries. As the two irate Superstars brawled into the crowd, however, Uncle Howdy again made an appearance to drastically affect the melee and cast further doubt over whether he is actually the one in control.

At Royal Rumble, Bray Wyatt will battle LA Knight in a Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match, as the mysterious Uncle Howdy continues to add fuel to the fire of the explosive conflict.
A contentious conflict has grown between Wyatt and Knight ever since they first stood face-to-face backstage on SmackDown. The exact nature of that conflict, however, has been open to constant speculation.
Wyatt has insisted that he has not been responsible when Knight has been kidnaped, tormented or attacked backstage. Wyatt also claims he is in constant conflict to stop himself from being consumed with his dark past.
The ominous Uncle Howdy suddenly appeared before the WWE Universe as both adversaries were in the ring together. This added more questions than answers, though, as it was unclear whether Wyatt was vindicated by the sudden turn of events.
Regardless of Uncle Howdy’s involvement, Knight emerged on the Dec. 30 edition of the blue brand as Wyatt was apologizing for snapping and attacking a cameraman the week prior with the goal of putting him out of his misery. After Bray aggressively accepted the challenge for a matchup at Royal Rumble and tensions quickly escalated, Uncle Howdy suddenly appeared and attacked Wyatt with Sister Abigail!
What will happen when Wyatt and Knight go head-to-head in a Pitch Black Match? Will Uncle Howdy play a role in the match?

The Road to WrestleMania begins at Royal Rumble, and the stakes are higher than ever heading into this year’s Men’s and Women’s high-stakes Royal Rumble Match.
Each match will begin with just two Superstars in the ring. Every 90 seconds, a new Superstar enters the fray. Elimination only occurs when a Superstar has gone over the top rope and both feet have touched the floor. This continues until there is just one man left standing as the winner of the Royal Rumble Match.
And his prize? A guaranteed World Championship match when WrestleMania goes Hollywood on April 1 and 2.
The following Superstars have declared for this year’s 30-Man Royal Rumble Match:
Cody Rhodes
Kofi Kingston
Bobby Lashley
Seth “Freakin” Rollins
Austin Theory
Drew McIntyre
Braun Strowman
Baron Corbin
Santos Escobar
Rey Mysterio
Karrion Kross
Others are Surprise Enterance

The following Superstars have declared for this year’s 30-Woman Royal Rumble Match:
Liv Morgan
Raquel Rodriguez
Rhea Ripley
Candice LeRae
Shayna Baszler
Zelina Vega
TBD and Surprise Enterances

Don’t miss an all-new chapter in the epic rivalry between Reigns and Owens when Royal Rumble emanates live from the Alamodome in San Antonio on Saturday, Jan. 28, at 8 ET

Venue: Alamodome ,San Antonio, Texas

 Date: Saturday, January 28th 2022 Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2023 PPV 1/28/23

 Start Time: KickOff Live @7PM ET ,  Maincard Live @8PM ET

Quick Hits

  • Undisputed WWE Universal Championship – Singles Match: Roman Reigns (c) (with Paul Heyman) vs. Kevin Owens
  • WWE Raw Women’s Championship – Singles Match: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Alexa Bliss
  • Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match: Bray Wyatt vs. LA Knight
  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match: 30-man Royal Rumble match for a world championship match at WrestleMania 39
  • Women’s Royal Rumble Match: 30-woman Royal Rumble match for a women’s championship match at WrestleMania 39
  • More Cards.