Watch WWE NxT Live 1/11/22 – 11 January 2022

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▶️ Watch WWE NxT Live 1/11/22 Preview

No more talking. It’s time for Grayson Waller to put his money where his mouth is and finally square off with AJ Styles.
The Phenomenal One has endured weeks of verbal harassment from Waller, but every time he steps to “The Arrogant Aussie,” Waller finds a way to escape. After showing up to New Year’s Evil, Styles got exactly what he wanted, a one-on-one match with Waller, and just when it looked like Styles would add insult to injury with a Phenomenal Forearm, Waller rolled out of the ring.

Family comes first, but when it comes to success, Elektra Lopez has no apologies to where her loyalties lie. And whoever can come out victorious between Xyon Quinn and Santos Escobar will earn her allegiance.
Quinn and Escobar have clashed several times with Lopez always at the center of the drama, including her interference that cost Quinn the match against “The Emperor” weeks ago. With questions mounting on what is going on between La Madrina and Quinn, Escobar demanded Lopez choose between Quinn and La Familia.

Pete Dunne is usually the one who snaps people’s fingers, but now he knows what that pain feels like thanks to a brutal crowbar attack by Tony D’Angelo that crushed The BruiserWeight’s hand.
Dunne has suffered the pain of D’Angelo’s weapon of choice on multiple occasions as “The Made Man of NXT” used a crowbar to effectively neutralize Dunne during their NXT WarGames showdown. The BruiserWeight is looking to return the favor and dish out a vicious beating of his own when the two clash in a Crowbar on a Pole Match.

Boa may not have his new powers under control, but the Tian Sha disciple does have a grudge with Solo Sikoa, laying waste to “The Street Champion of the Islands” with a surprise backstage attack.
Boa has tried to get his new powers under control for weeks, but every time he switches into his dark alter ego, he loses control and lashes out, leaving him stunned and confused when he eventually snaps out of his fugue.
Boa recently unleashed his fury on Sikoa, attacking him following his match with Edris Enofé and only only relinquishing his grip after being pulled off Sikoa by Enofé.
After another surprise beating by Boa, Sikoa is looking to even the score inside the squared circle.

Kacy Catanzaro, Kayden Carter and Amari Miller have big plans for 2022, including a run at the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles for Catanzaro & Carter. In order to do that, they’ll have to get through Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta, who have similar goals in mind.
The powerful Pirotta was quick to interrupt the trio as they discussed their plans for the upcoming year, gloating that she and Hartwell could defeat Catanzaro, Carter and Miller no matter who their third partner was. Enter a slumbering Wendy Choo, who, unbeknownst to her, was happily volunteered by Catanzaro to fill the open spot.

Date: January 11th, 2022 Watch WWE NxT Live 1/11/22

Start Time: Tuesday Night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network

Quick Hits

  • AJ Styles looks to finally put an end to “The Waller Effect”
  • Santos Escobar and Xyon Quinn battle for the heart of Elektra Lopez
  • Pete Dunne and Tony D’Angelo collide in a Crowbar on a Pole Match
  • Solo Sikoa looks to even the score with Boa
  • Newcomer Wendy Choo joins Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta in Six-Woman Tag Team Match
  • More Cards



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